Written By: Landan Kuhlmann for Your Houston News

Working parents now have a place to send their children for extracurricular activities they might not normally have.

The Studio at Children’s Learning Adventure in Katy opened its doors this past Monday, June 8. The Studio provides instruction, childcare and after-school care and activities for children ages six weeks to 12 years with working parents as well as summer camps for children ages 5-13.

“The key is the quality of our curriculum and staff training,” said CEO Rick Sodja in a press release. “These set us apart from any other program in the country. Children’s Learning Adventure is raising the bar for child care across the country.”

The Studio, which is now the largest preschool campus in the United States, is a gleaming seven-acre, 55,000 square-foot development containing two bowling alleys, a culinary school, an indoor miniature golf course, a science lab, an art studio and a live television studio as well as two indoor gyms, a classical dance studio, a music complex, a kids dance club, a tutoring center, a library and competitive gaming area.

Outdoor facilities on the campus include about two acres of playground and sports facilities

Several types of dance classes are offered, such as hip hop, jazz, Zumba, ballet and tap. Also available to the children are music, martial arts, competitive gaming, basketball, soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, tumbling, competitive and show cheerleading and tutoring classes.

“The Studio is really aimed at children and allowing them different opportunities,” said Stephanie Retherford, Special Programs Coordinator for Children’s Learning Adventure. “It allows parents opportunities to give them childcare as well as opportunities to participate in cheerleading, dance, gymnastics, sports, really anything they wouldn’t have access to if they have working parents.

Retherford says the Studio allows children to find their passion and expand their horizons by offering an endless array of activities in each room

“Really anything your child could want to participate in, we have here,” she said. “We really aim to give children access to more opportunities to find new interests and to experience new arts.”

In addition to childcare and after-school care, Retherford believes the Children’s Learning Adventure summer camps offer a unique opportunity compared to the rest.

“I think what sets the summer camps for Children’s Learning Adventure above all the rest is the opportunity to do so much more,” she said. “In a typical summer camp the child is cooped up in maybe one or two classrooms. Here, they rotate through all of our special rooms. They’re in basketball for 45, then they’re in dance for 45 minutes, and then we’re off on a field trip. There’s just so much to keep them busy that a lot of children don’t want to go home at the end of the day.”

Retherford revealed that when the childcare center opened, they were surprised with the response. They were deluged with an overwhelming amount of requests for enrollment-so many, in fact, that they were forced to turn some of the applicants away.

“We opened our childcare center at Children’s Learning Adventure in Katy about 14 months ago, and we had to turn away some campers,” she said. “We found that parents were so excited about our main building that they were interested in enrolling, and we just didn’t have the space. After that we came up with the Studio concept and we started building pretty much right away.”

The Children’s Learning Adventure Afterschool and Summer Camp complex is located at 24224 Cinco Terrace Dr.

To learn more about Children’s Learning Adventure’s facilities programs and curriculum, visit childrenslearnindadventure.com or call 281-712-1151.